24 Volt 35 Amp Convection Cooled Battery Charger


  • Microprocessor controlled for optimized charging for different type of batteries
  • 9 user selectable charge profiles
  • Short circuit and reverse polarity protection
  • Power Factor Correction
  • Battery monitor – no overcharge possible
  • Battery temperature compensation
  • Sealed housing
  • Automatic shutoff
  • Over heat protection
  • PC interface
  • Spark suppression


9 user selectable charge profiles

  • Gel battery                         50…90Ah
  • Gel battery                         100…400Ah
  • Liquid lead battery         50…90Ah
  • Liquid lead battery         100…400Ah
  • Optima battery
  • Genesis battery                 Up to 60Ah
  • Trojan battery                     70…150Ah
  • PzS battery                           Wet, 90Ah
  • Calcium battery                 70…150A


Battery nominal voltage                      24V 
Programme output current                0.3…34A
Programme output voltage                20…33V
Max. continuous output power        1000W
Input voltage                                               100…240VDC
Input frequency                                         50/60Hz


Case dimensions:           320mm x 255mm x 130mm
Color:                                    Gray
Casing material:              Aluminum




The battery chargers of the series 600W & 1000W are modern, fully automated units which are not only capable of charging batteries efficiently and correctly, they even monitor them. Charging times and Ampere hours (Ah) are counted and can be analyzed in case of errors occurring.

The battery chargers can be operated stationary or, because of its vibration-proof construction, in vehicles.

Caution! Never put any drill holes into the housing, because components might be damaged.

The delivered unit has been factory programmed resp. adjusted by your supplier to meet the needs of your chosen battery type. The programming can only be changed with a special adaptor and a PC software. Charging voltages, current, times, temperature compensation and other features can be modified or added.  The complete instructions are included in a special supplier’s package. When modifying any charging parameters, the charging instructions of the vendor of the used battery have to be observed, as well as the specific charging times and currents of the battery.

Please read the safety instructions and guides given in this manual very carefully before operating the unit for the first time!

Note: Please consider, that new batteries accumulators only achieve their full capacity after multiple charging-discharging cycles. Older batteries don’t achieve their full capacity more or less often and it may happen, that a charging cycle isn’t finished completely (f.i. the battery charger indicates the error: max. charging time exceeded).



The charger unit may only be operated with the supplied cables. The output terminals and cables/wires may not be modified, elongated or connected to each other in any kind of way.
  • Always disconnect the mains plug at first and then disconnect the battery cables.
  • Non-chargeable batteries may not be connected to the charger unit.
  • If charging built-in car batteries it is only allowed to use charging characteristic curves 1-4 in order to protect the car electronics from higher voltages!
  • The battery charger may not be built in into trailers.
  • Always check the unit against damages of cables, plugs, housing etc. before operating it. A defective unit may not be operated.
  • Protect the unit from direct sun light, dust, humidity or rain.
  • Disconnect the unit from the mains after the charging cycle has finished and if no trickle charge has been programmed.
  • During a thunderstorm disconnect the unit from the mains!

Important! Whilst charging of not gas proof batteries it is absolutely necessary to maintain a good air circulation in the rooms where the batteries are. Hydrogen gas is exhausted, which may cause explosion!


FIRST, connect the battery to the charger and THEN the charger to the mains. This sequence must be observed (reversed order when disconnecting the units).

After connecting the mains to the charger the Red Error LED (light emitting diode) will flash as often as the number of the least selected charging characteristic curve and then stop. The Green LED glows constantly during the main charging phase and starts flashing in the last phase (battery nearly full) and stops glowing when the cycle has finished (or trickle charge is activated). The charging cycle depends on the size of the battery. Please state capacity and type of your battery when ordering the charger unit. If a battery has only been discharged marginally, the charging time will shorten. At some battery types there will a so called compensating charging cycle performed after several normal charging cycles have been finished. The charging time is then elongating accordingly.


The included temperature sensor serves to measure the temperature of the battery and helps to adjust the charging voltage optimally according the current state of the battery. Either solder two wires with a cross section of 0,25mm² or similar and with the proper length to the temperature sensor or connect it differently (for example with a clamp) and tie it to the battery. The included plug is connected to the other both ends of the wires, correct polarity is not required. The unit recognizes the connected temperature sensor.

Note: if the temperature sensor is misplaced it can happen that the battery is charged with the wrong voltage. Hence you should always care for a correct placement of the sensor. For further details where to place it correctly refer to the instruction manual of your battery.


The units are factory pre-programmed with nine popular charging characteristic curves, but up to nine different, user-defined curves can be programmed by request. They replace one or more of the default curves.

After connecting the battery the pushbutton „Charging mode“ selects the desired curve. The Red LED flashes to confirm the recent action. The number of the least selected curve is stored and is automatically used if the unit is operated again.

Note! The curve must be selected AFTER the battery to charge has been connected
and BEFORE the mains is plugged in!

Following functions of the pushbutton are available:

a)  1 short push = request: the Red LED indicates the number of the currently selected curve and flashes a number of times according to it. Example: the LED flashes five times if curve 5 was chosen the last time. Note! Push again within 3 seconds to choose a different curve, else the request is only repeated.

b)  multiple short pushes successively (set) = a new curve will be chosen.

Example: curve 3 was chosen before (request: one short push -> LED flashes three times), push four times within the next three seconds – > curve 7 is selected and the LED flashes seven times. If the LED does not flash seven times, repeat the complete step. If curve 9 has been selected, the numbers will rotate again.

Following characteristic curves are factory pre-programmed and can be selected according to the instructions.

  1. Gel 80Ah (Gel accumulator between 50 and 90Ah)
  2. Gel 150Ah (Gel accumulator between 100 and 200Ah)
  3. Liquid 80Ah (Liquid accumulator between 50 and 90Ah)
  4. Liquid 150Ah (Liquid accumulator between 100 & 200Ah)
  5. Optima (Optima battery)
  6. Genesis 60Ah (Hawker Genesis battery up to 60Ah)
  7. Trojan 100Ah (Trojan battery between 70Ah and 150Ah)
  8. PzS 90Ah (PzS battery, liquid)
  9. Calc (Calcium battery between 70Ah and 150Ah)