240Watts, Lead-Acid Battery Charger


  • Wide AC input range

  • RoHS compliance

  • 2 – year warranty

  • Overvoltage protection

  • Convection cooled

  • Overcurrent protection

  • Short circuit protection

  • 6-stage charging control

  • Reverse polarity protection

  • Sparkle free design


Line regulation is measured from low line to high line at rated load. Load regulation is measured from 20% to 100% of rated load at 230VAC input. Efficiency is measured at rated load and 230VAC input.


Input:                           115/230VAC  +/-15%
Frequency:                 47-63Hz
Inrush Current:        22A/115VAC 
(Cold start)                 44A/230VAC

EMC Standards:       EN 55011 Class B
                                           EN 55022 Class B
                                           EN 61000-4-2 Level 3
                                           EN 61000-4-3 Level 3
                                           EN 61000-4-4 Level 3
                                           EN 61000-4-5 Level 3
                                           EN 61000-4-6 Level 3
                                           EN 61000-4-8 Level 3
                                           EN 61000-4-11 Level 3

Standard:                      EN 60950 (Meet),  UL 60950 (Meet),  CSA 22.2 (Meet)

 Input Connection:   3 Core SAA Cable IEC


Temp. Coefficient :                     +/- 0.04% / Celsius
Overvoltage protection:         Auto-recovery
Over current protection:        Current limited
Short circuit protection:          Auto-recovery
Transient response:                     (Load change 50% to 100%)
 Voltage deviation:                        5%
ecovery time:                                2mS


Case Dimension:  200L  X  153W  X  59H
Casing Material:   Extruded Anodized Aluminum
Weight:                     1.5 Kg.
 Cooling:                    Convection Cooled
Warranty:                 12 Months


Topology:                                            Switching DC Power
Efficiency:                                           84%
Boost Charge Voltage:                14.7VDC
Float Charge Voltage:                  13.8VDC
Output Charge Current:            20Amps
Line Regulation:                              +/- 1% 
Load regulation:                              +/- 1% 
Over Voltage Protection:           15~17VDC


Operating Temp. Range:     -20  degrees Celsius ~ 40 degrees Celsius  ambient, derating each output at 2.5% per degree from 40 degrees Celsius to 60 degrees Celsius 

Operating humidity:             Non-condensing, 5% ~ 95%RH
Vibration:                                    Random vibration, 10Hz ~ 100Hz, 3axise.

MTBF:                                            60,000hrs Min. Per MIL-HDBK-217F, 25 GB.



Charging Time



Charging Characteristics

  • Automatic boost charge 

  • Automatic preservation of fully charged condition 

  • Insensitive to fluctuations in mains voltage and mains frequency


IMPORTANT! This type of charger must be connected to the battery before being switched ON.

Connect to the non-chassis terminal of the battery first then make chassis connection. Ensure the points of connection are well clear of the automobiles fuel lines.  When the charging process begins, the GREEN LED illuminates.  After reaching approx. 80% charge, the GREEN LED will turn OFF, BUT LEAVE BATTERIES CONNECTED UNTIL READY FOR USE. To check that battery is fully charged, turn AC power OFF for about 30 seconds then turn back ON. The LED should light momentarily then go OFF. This battery charger may be left connected to a fully charged battery indefinitely as overcharging is impossible.  

Always turn AC power OFF before disconnecting charger from battery. To ensure a full charge in the shortest time and the longest possible battery life, make sure all leads and connectors are clean and undamaged.


1. Check that connectors on lead from charger to battery are correctly wired i.e. RED to positive (+) and BLACK to negative (-).

2. Check all connections thoroughly and that the power switch of charger and the AC mains are turned ON.

 3. If a short circuit or reverse connection is accidentally applied to the output, the charger will immediately shutdown. Remove the short circuit or reverse polarity connection turn-off charger and re-connect to battery correctly and turn charger back on to resume normal charging operation. 

4. Note that the green light may not immediately come on if the battery is extremely deeply discharged, the charger will not charge a battery under 8 volts for a 12 volt battery, OR 16 volts for a nominal 24 volt system.

5. If the LED does not go OFF within 12 hours, your battery should be tested at the place of purchase.

6. During the first charging phase, the charger may become quite warm or hot to touch — this is normal if charging deeply discharged batteries.

7. Do not attempt to charge a battery with other equipment attached which draws current.

If you need this option, consult your vendor at the place of purchase.


Switch the charger OFF and remove the AC plug from the wall socket and check the AC power lead, charging leads and connectors for any damage, do not use the charger if any damage is discovered, return to your supplier for repair. Reconnect in the approved manner, and turn on charger. If it is still not working, call your supplier for advice &/or return the charger complete with original packaging and leads for testing, remember that the green light may not immediately come on if the battery is extremely deeply discharged — The charger will not start charging if the battery is under 8 volts for a 12 volt battery and 16 volts for a 24 volt system.


This charger is not intended for use by children or the infirm. Please ensure adequate supervision if they are to use the charger. The charging process can cause the battery to generate explosive gasses, always ensure both charger and battery are provided with adequate ventilation. Keep clear of sparks or other ignition sources. This charger must never be used on non-rechargeable batteries.


There are no user serviceable components inside. Service personnel should ensure that the AC line source is disconnected prior to the case being opened for service. If the mains power cord is damaged, it must only be replaced with an approved type.


The 1220 Switch-mode Charger should be installed in a moisture-free environment.  Care should be taken to ensure that both the charger and the battery are securely mounted and positioned with adequate ventilation