EPS 2407D

Dual 200 watt output 24 volt battery charger fitted with battery clips and IEC power cord


Micro controlled 2- step charging cycle

Conventional cooled

Great Reliability, over temperature and overload protected

100% burn-in test

Design to meet the requirements of UL 1012

Design to meet the requirements of EN 55022 noise level

IEC inlet socket with built-in line filter
1 years warranty

Reverse polarity protection


Input Voltage:                                240VAC + 15%
Input Frequency:                         47-63 Hz   
Inrush Current (cold):               50A/240VAC
Operation Temperature:         0 Degrees Celsius – 50 Degrees Celsius
Storage Temperature:                -20 Degrees Celsius – +85 Degrees Celsius
Short Protection:                          Relay open
Battery disconnect:                     Relay open
Overload Protection:                 Secondary current and primary power limited

2 Steps Automatic Charging cycle controlled by micro controller. Pulsed re-charge/top-up phase at the end of the charge cycle.


Boost Voltage:                        28.2VDC
Float Voltage:                         27.6VDC
Rated output Current:      7A

Load (current) 
Min:                                   0.05A
Rated:                              7.00A
Max:                                  7.20 A
Ripple & Noise:           100mVp-p
Line Regulation:         +/-0.5%
Load Regulation:        +/-0.1%
Efficiency:                       86%


Case Dimension:          365L X 205W X 60H (mm)
Casing Material:           Aluminium
Colour:                               Green
Weight:                              5 kg


·         Connect the charger to the batteries to be charged observing the following colour coded wiring connections.

Charger 1
Positive battery connection RED
Negative battery connection BLUE

Charger 2
Positive battery connection WHITE
Negative battery connection BLACK

  • Attach the IEC style to the AC input socket on the back of the charger and connect to a suitable 240 VAC GPO.
  • The charger is ready for use.


To commence charging, simply turn on the AC supply and if the batteries are properly connected, charging will begin as soon as the charger completes its internal functional testing. As well as testing both the LED indicator lights on the front panel.

If the charger begins to charge, the following sequences will occur to bring the attached batteries up to a full charge.

A boost charge is delivered at 28.8 VDC; the charger begins an 11-hour timer as the battery voltage rises above 27.6 VDC.  The charger waits for the charge current to drop below 2.5 ADC before cancelling this timer and beginning a new 2 hour timer which holds the charger at 28.8 VDC for the 2 hours followed by another 2 hour charging time at the float voltage of 27.6 VDC.

The charger will then turn itself off and wait for the battery voltage to drop to 26.5 VDC before repeating the process.


The error codes on the front panel are self-explanatory.