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2410 - 24 Volts 10 Amp 300 Watts Programmable Battery Charger

Nickel-zinc or lead-acid (flooded, sealed, and traction) batteries may be charged accordingly to battery manufacturer specifications. Up to five charging phases may be enabled to charge the battery with constant current, constant voltage or floating charge. For each of the charging phases a lot of parameters may be set as: max current and voltage, max. Charging time for that phase etc. Each charging phase (except the first one) may be conditionally executed after a defined number of AH put into the battery or after a defined number of completed 1st charging phases.

The fully automatic equalization charging phase is achievable with standard parameter set-up and may be executed after every completed charging or after pre-defined number of charging or charged AHs. programmable automatic to-up cycle prevents self discharge during non-operational periods - charger starts charging after a pre-defined number of day or when the battery voltage is lower than the parameter value. The charger is fully re-programmable without opening the box. The software for the PC and IF adapter is all what you need.


Input: 230V +/-10% 50-60Hz
Input Power: 300W
Case Dimension: 210 X 130 X 60 mm
Casing Material: Mild steel and alloy extrusion
Weight: 2.1 kg
Cooling: MCU controlled forced air
Warranty: 12 Months
Topology: Switching DC Power
Programmable Output Voltage: 10-16.5V Programmable
Programmable Current Voltage: 0.4-20A Programmable
Ambient Temp. Range: 25O to 35OC (power derating at higher temperatures)
Relative Humidity: 15% to 95% RH (non-condensing)
Altitude: 0-3000m
Env. Protection and Approval: IP21/EN60335-1/En60 335-2-29
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