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30S-12E - 12 Volts 300 Watts Pure Sine Wave Inverters

Operating The Inverter

  • Operation of the switch-mode rectifiers is done by the ON/OFF switch. In case you switchthe inverter “ON” the green control LED signals operation.
  • In case battery voltage fall below 10.5V for 12 Version or 21.0V for 24V version duringoperating mode, an acoustic warning signal is given and the color of the control LEDchanges from green to orange.
  • In case the inverter is heated up too seriously, it switches off automatically and the colorof the control LED changes from green to orange.
  • Switch the inverter off manually. After the inverter has cooled down, you it isrecommendable to start engine of the vehicle so to prevent the vehicles battery gettingdischarged.
  • The Pocket Power may used either while the engine is running to turned off. However, do not start the engine with the Pocket Power in use. The voltage to the lighter plug (forinverter with lighter plug) may shut off during cranking.
  • The inverters of 150W and 300W are designed to automatically protect and limitoutput power on setting rating when overloading or short circuit, and the invertersperform auto-recovery as overloading or short circuit condition released.


Output Power  
Continuous 300 Watts
20 Minutes 350 Watts
Surge 500 Watts
Output Voltage 115V=/-3%
230 VAC + /3%
Output Frequency 50 Hz/60 Hz
Output Wave Form Pure Sine Wave
Total Harmonic Distortion <4%
Input Voltage Range 10 - 15 V
Efficiency >90%
No. Load Current Draw 0.7 Amp
Low Battery Alarm 10.7V
Low Battery Shut-Down 10V
Dimension (LxWxH) 285 x 120 x 62 mm
Weight 1.75 Kg
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