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12V 4A Desktop Chargers

28 AH batteries in cycle fuse or 75AH float only

  1. Input: AC 90-260V, 50-60Hz max, 74VA
  2. Output: max.58VA,
    Voltage: max 14.7+2%
    Current: 4A
    Battery converts to timed-charge when the voltage rises to 14.7, the current begin to reduce gradually. When time-out timer expires or the battery is full. Voltage drops down to constant 13.8V standby from 14.7 boost voltage.
  3. Indicator Instruction
    A. LED is yellow, no battery connected.
    B. Constant current charge. LED changes from yellow to red.
    C. Charger no longer in constant current mode. Battery charge <80% with timer running, LED changes from red to yellow.
    D. Charge complete. LED green
  4. 3 step charger 12V 4A is suitable for 12Ah-60Ah lead-acid battery.
  5. Charger is short-circuit and battery reverse polarity protected.
  6. Charger supplied with power cord and alligator clips fitted.

Dimension: 150x110x40mm
Weight: 700 g

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