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1245 - 12 Volts 45 Amp Automatic Switch-Mode Dual Output Battery Charger

General Features

  • Fitted with boost phase time-out timer to avoid excessive battery gassing
  • Overheating and short circuit protection
  • IUOU charging characteristic with time limited UO Phase
  • Fan ventilation
  • LED charging display
  • For motor homes, on sailing yachts, ambulance, and emergency vehicles

Charging characteristic
The charging characteristic is generally designated as a modified IU0U characteristic

I phase
At the beginning of the charging process, the empty battery is charged with constant current until the battery voltage reaches 13.8 V or 27.6 V. When the battery reaches this voltage level, the charging current slowly drops. With the drop of the current to the 80 % mark, the charger switches over to the higher charging voltage 14.3 V/14.7 V or 28.6 V/29.4 V.

U0 phase
Here the time registration starts which limits the main charging phase (U0 phase) to a maximum of 4/8 hours. With the switching over of the charging voltage, the current rises again to its maximum value. Now it remains constant as long as the battery voltage is below 14.3 V/14.7 V or 28.6 V or 29.4 V. After reaching the maximum voltage, the current drops again. Thereby the voltage remains constant (U0). Within this main charging phase, which is limited to 4/8 hours, the battery is fully charged.

U phase
If the current decreases to 10% of the rated current or if the time limit of 4/8 hours is exceeded, then the charger switches over to economy charging (13.8 V or 27.6 V) (U phase).

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