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12V 25A Dual Output Chargers

1225 - 12 Volts 25 Amp Dual Output Battery Charger

General Features

  • Compact size and light weight
  • It has a short circuit and reverse polarity protection
  • Suitable for any lead acid battery
  • Switch for mute function and a switch field for the selection of the charging voltage and timer function
  • Use for automotive, caravans and marines.
  • Optional Accessories: remote control and temperature sensor

Technical Specifications

1225 180-260 VAC90-260 VAC
2415 180-260 VAC90-260 VAC
Frequency 47-63Hz
Isolation Internal Primary
Input-Output 3000VAC
Input Case 2500 VAC
Out-Case 500 VAC
Safety Designed to IEC 950
EMI-EMC FCC Class B, CE, C-tick
Standard AS3193
Input Connection 3 Core SAA Cable IEC
Case Dimension 310L X 240W X 77H mm
Casing Material Extruded Anodized Aluminium
Weight 3.5 Kg
Cooling Fan Cooled
Warranty 24 Months
Battery Connections Two
Topology Switching DC Power
Efficiency 90%
Boost Voltage  
1225 14.4/14.8 VDC
2415 28.8/29.4 VDC
Float Voltage  
1225 13.8 VDC
2415 27,6 VDC
Output Charge Current  
1225 25 Amps
2415 15 Amps
Maximum Battery Capacity  
1225 300 AH
2415 200 AH
1225 T4 A/250V
2415 T4 A/250V
Short Circuit Protection Output Shutdown
Over Current Protection Secondary Current Limited
Reverse Polarity Protection InternalFuse and External Relay
UO Phase Limitation 4 0r 8 Hours
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