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12V 2.5A Type BC Chargers

1203AT - 12 Volts 2.5 Amp 3-Step Adapter Type BC Battery Charger


Constant Voltage Charging: Initial charge current is held at maximum output. As battery gains charge the voltage rises towards the end-charge value while the current ramps downward to a maintenance level at full charge.

3-Stage Speed Charging:

1. High Speed Bulk Charge
Initial charge current held at maximum output until voltage reaches set point above end-charge value. Battery attains 80% of full charge at rapid pace.

2. Relaxed charge to 100% capacity
Charge current is slowly ramped down to end-charge level.

3. Maintenance Charge
Voltage drops sharply to end-charge value, controlled trickle current compensates for self discharge of battery.

Technical Specifications

Output Voltage 12V
Amp 2.5 A
Mains Input Voltage 90/260 VAC
Boost 14.7V
Float 13.8V
Weight 247 g
Adapter Type Side Switch
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